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International Airport Boryspil

Airport BoryspilKiev International Airport Boryspil

This is rightly considered one of the world’s best airports. More than 100 jet liners take off or land in Boryspil daily. The airport building, all glass and concrete, looks like a huge liner which has suddenly stopped short on the green carpet of the surrounding airfield. Its gigantic windows, the light-coloured ceramics and aluminium of its walls glisten in the sunlight. Despite its size the building seems exceedingly light. Its “wing-span” is 300 metres.

The central part of the building could easily accommodate four 5-storey houses. Yet the entire dome is without a single support. The design is the joint work of the “Kiev-proekt” Institute and the Research and Designing Institute for Standard and Experimental Building.

The ground floor is occupied by a huge lobby with booking-offices, automatic information bureaus and other services.
The interior is simple and beautiful. Its high dome looks like a gigantic honeycomb. An inclined plane brings the passengers to the waiting-rooms on the first floor.

There are rooms for mothers travelling with children, a barber’s and a hairdresser’s saloon, a post office, a savings bank and various services. There are also two restaurants, one of which caters for foreign tourists. Both restaurants offer a wide variety of Ukrainian drinks and dishes. From the right wing of the building information on the arrival of passengers can be transmitted.

The building has a lofty ten-storey tower from which the departure and arrival of planes is controlled. The waiting-rooms open on to a large balcony that encircles the building facing the airfield. It is always crowded with people who have come to meet the arriving passenger.

A good road, part of the Kiev-Kharkov Highway, links the airport with the capital, running through beautiful forest scenery. The 45-minutes’ ride by bus is not at all tiring.